Born 1970, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rasmus Refer in his atelier in Copenhagen.

Image courtesy of Suste Bonnén.

It is all about creating experiences that never grow tiresome. And that in materials that otherwise might seem both stiff and cold. However, in the hands of Rasmus Refer, traditional materials like steel, acrylic, and granite become artworks that keep on giving. Like when Refer shapes a piece of steel. Giving it a gently fluctuating edges, cracks, shards and grooves. These elements allows light to penetrate and reflect in endless variations. Depending on the time of day and the amount of light as well as the colour, the expression and appearance Refers artworks changes dramatically.

Rasmus Refer may have been genetically predisposed to a life as an artist. In any case, art has been an important part of his life since early childhood. Both his father and uncle, Peter Bonnén, were artists. Even his grandmother, Tone Bonnén, worked as a highly skilled and respected scenographer. In fact his great-grandfather Folmer Bonnén was an acknowledged painter and founder of an art school teaching students like Hans Scherfig, Wilhelm Freddie, Maggi Baaring and Frederik Bramming, just to name a few. As a young boy, visits to art museums, art schools and ateliers were part of everyday life for Rasmus Refer.

As an artist, Rasmus Refer works with many different materials: Stone, steel, bronze, patinated iron, polished aluminum, and acrylic plates. He creates stringent sculptural forms. cubes, reliefs, blocks and paintings with strong fluorescent colours both matte and transparent. Building new layers and structures to the concrete art movement.

Artist Statement

"My works should ideally radiate something aesthetically pleasing and simple. Something that can break the monotony and bring new light to everyday life. Working with reflections and the very experience of light is a challenge I greatly appreciate. It creates entirely new dimensions to my artworks and the way they are perceived."

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